The #1 Best-Selling Exfoliator/Skin Care Product in Japan

Surely I’m not the only person who likes the feeling of rolling rubber cement around and around and around to make little balls to definitely not drop on the floor. Or. Open a silverware roll fastened with paper and rub the…rubber cement, I assume…off the paper until it all rolls off…


Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 2.27.34 PM
Rubber cement for your face

Cure Natural Aqua Gel is either Japan’s #1 best-selling exfoliator OR Japan’s #1 best-selling skin care product. Whichever one, it’s the best seller of something. Apparently, one bottle sells every 12 seconds.

You’re supposed to spread a layer of this (very watery) gel on a clean, dry face. But I spread a layer on my dirty, dry face. More to peel.

Leave it alone for a few seconds, and then start rubbing in circles with your fingers. Like rubber cement from the paper fastener of a silverware roll, the dead skin (and, let’s be honest, most likely the drying gel) will start pilling up. It’s very gratifying. When you’re done of rubbing off your dead skin, you rinse the rest off with water and continue with your post-face-washing routine.





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