This Japanese “Steam” Mask is a Hug for Your Eyes

There are times in life when your eyes need a gentle hug. You might not have known that’s what they needed, but it is.

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 12.52.43 PM.png
“Warms up tired eyes.”

The Kao Steam Warm Eye Masks come in a variety of scents, but I have only tried unscented. They come in a plastic wrapper and look a little like sanitary pads.

Opening the plastic wrapper starts the warming. Then you hurriedly tear open the perforated portion of the mask to open the ear hooks, and put them over your ears. They’re basically hand warmers for your eyes, and they stay warm for ten or 15 minutes. They do not “steam.” But they are toasty warm and put you to sleep. I don’t use them every night, but they’re perfection if you have a headache or feel stressed or keyed up.

The kind pictured above are the brand I’ve tried, but they seem to be similar to the Crystal Lip Mask Membrane—there look to be a lot of brands of the same thing.

This one looks promising as well.

Speaking of sanitary pads—and from experience—in a pinch, these work to sooth horrible cramps when your body is trying to kill you to death.


    • BAHAHAHAAHA. Just imagine someone lying on her face while wearing a pad on her face… Also imagine that they inevitably fall off in the night and float around under the covers looking like a discarded sanitary napkin…

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