The Best Brow Filler / Shapers, According to Me

As I have mentioned before, there is a hole in my eyebrow that maybe was always there. I wish I could remember what I used to look like. Or was still on FB so I could see old pictures of myself and not have to try to remember at all. Not enough to actually get back ON FB, but it occasionally crosses the mind grapes.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 2.28.52 PM
May be “perfectly purse-sized” but don’t keep in your purse…

I got the BENEFIT Brow Zings Tame & Shape Kit a while back when I imagined myself wearing real makeup regularly like a laaaady. Two thumbs up. It does not flake—a thing people complain about in eyebrow shaper reviews, and it somehow (even though you are coloring in the skin underneath your eyebrows) doesn’t look like that’s what you’ve done. I have black eyebrows, and I got Deep—dark brown to black (cool). The included tweezers are, of course, a RIDICULOUS joke and don’t work at all, even in emergency situations. But you already knew that just by looking at them.

boy brow
Makeup for the very lazy.

Glossier makes minimalist makeup for people who don’t really wear makeup. Some of it feels emperor’s new clothesish. But the packaging is fantastic. I’ve tried several of their products, including the Boy Brow everyone talks about, which I got in black. Next time I will do clear due to my incessant face touching. It’s not what one would call a waterproof/scratch proof item. It doesn’t flake off, but you can for sure rub it off if you rub on your face while thinking. Or wildly mop your face off with your totally clean hands while dancing. However, this stuff deserves the hype surrounding it and does exactly what it says it does, making eyebrows behave themselves without looking too fixy-fixy.



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