The Best Eyelash Curler, According to Me

As I have said several times, I’m not good at makeup and rarely wear it. I buy it, and let it die in my little makeup bag. But one thing I always, always do—and have done for years and years—is curl my eyelashes. My normal morning routine is: Put serums, lotions, and potions on my face. Put some Aquaphor on my eyelashes. Give them a curl. Look at myself and think: all that puffiness, etc. will disappear on the way to work. Done. And. Done. Then later, if I happen to see myself in the bathroom mirror I’m always very surprised to note the flaws have remained. Today was actually especially appalling. Oh well!

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 4.51.08 PM
Over a decade and counting…

For years and years I’ve used the same SHISEIDO Eyelash Curler. Almost a decade! It would have been longer, but I lost one at a wedding long ago and never found it and had to order another one. You’re bound to lose something when 12 girls are getting ready in one room. It doesn’t pinch and gets pretty much all the eyelashes in one go. It would probably totally get them in one go if I did a better job of it. And ALSO. You can buy replacement pads. Whenever Sephora says I need to spend $6 more to get free shipping (it happens a lot, actually, those sneaks), I throw a few of them into my cart to make up the difference.

eyelash curler


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