The Best High-Shine Lip Color, According to Me

I love, love, love red lipstick. I might not actually wear it that often, but I always have one around just in case I feel like being fancy. When I waited tables at the Biscuit for a long. LONG. time, I wore lipstick in order to look slightly less like I had gotten up at 5:30 and was *possibly* still a tiny bit drunk. Ewps!

I needed lipstick that did not fade. At all. Because once people started coming in, there was not even one spare second to be fiddling around with something like putting on more. It was 100% running for the entire shift or they would literally die of starvation. DIE, I TELL YOU. GIVE THEM A DOUBLE STACK OF BUTTERMILK PANCAKES, EGGS WITH CHEESE, AND 78 REFILLS OF DIET COKE IMMEDIATELY IF NOT SOONER, GAAAAAAH.


9 Rouge Laque
9 Rouge Laque
11 Rouge Gouache
11 Rouge Gouache

But these look like exactly the same color, you say. It’s true. But in reality, 9 Rouge Laque is more of a pink red than 11 Rouge Gouache, which to me is more of a classic red:

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 1.08.04 PM
L: 9 Rouge Laque                      R: 11 Rouge Gouache

Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain Lip Color is not going anywhere. You can keep it in your apron, not for reapplication purposes, but to have it handy when you trundle into the bathroom at 6:06 and slather it on in an effort to look alive. And there it will stay until you actually wipe it off. I don’t really consider it a stain. It’s not light in any way. It’s EXTREMELY glossy, highly-pigmented, and somewhat sticky in an aggressive and 80s way.

In fact, it looks EXACTLY like this.






  1. I’m going to walk across the street to Bloomingdales at some point this week and see if they’ll let me sample this color. I haven’t ever worn red and I’m scared of what I might look like. Possibly a clown, possibly a hooker.


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