My Favorite Red Lipstick of All Time

Ok, fine, it’s red-orange. Possibly just orange. But it performs the function of red lipstick, which is making you appear more like the way you look is intentional and less like the way you look is a shambles.

A lot of people think J. Crew catalog lipstick is NARS Dragon Girl.

dragon girl_NARS
Vivid Siren Red

And maybe they did use Dragon Girl at some point and in some catalog. As I go around the Internet it’s looking like they did. It’s a perfectly good red.

red square_nars
Bright Orange Red

But the OG lipstick was Red Square (or possibly Heat Wave or possibly both)—the point is, I think it was Red Square, and there’s no arguing or proving me out of it, so don’t bother trying. Anyway, in 2010, J Crew’s creative director and president, Jenna Lyons, said they used Red Square in shoots.

In the spring 2011 catalog every single model was wearing it. I know they wore red lipsticks in previous catalogs (and possibly Red Square), but this is the first time I remember seeing everyone wearing the same exact color. It was such a strange color, but it somehow looked good on everyone.

red square_catalog
For spring we will put them in bandanas and chunky necklaces…at the same time. #FASHION
We want you all to have your mouths half open as if this is what your resting face looks like.

It’s harder to find images from that catalog than you might think. Why aren’t there loads of pics floating around out of a catalog from seven years ago…

Now I went down a rabbit hole of old J. Crew lookbooks. Dang, what happened to you, J. Crew?!? Fall 2010 ready to wear is my jam.

Possibly homeless but still covered in sequins. #nailedit

Fall 2017 ready to wear is making me laugh uncontrollably at my desk while I for sure should be working.

“So, I borrowed a large-and-tall pair of dress pants and am using them as a jumpsuit paired with a large sport coat and sneakers.

Ermegerd. You can tell she’s like: “What is happening!?!?!?” Hahahaha.

My goodness, I forgot what I was even talking about. ANYWAY, long ago in spring 2011, J. Crew used NARS Red Square in their catalog, and I was OBSESSED. It was hard sleuthing, but eventually, I found it. Research was harder in 2011 than it is now. So. I had to work for it. Or at least, I feel like research was harder, and I had to work for it.

They didn’t sell it at Sephora. I got it at Nordstrom. They sell it at Sephora now, finally. And it is my favorite lipstick color of all time. I admit, it sort of looks like you’re wearing fake lips in a weird way—maybe because it’s such a surprising and odd color.

Like numerous wonderful things, many men do not understand it, and ask “Is that… … …orange lipstick?” But women always ask, “IS THAT ORANGE LIPSTICK?!?!!” while shaking you violently. And that’s how you know it’s as amazing as you thought it was.

This really made me want to put on some lipstick, but unfortunately, I’m too lazy. I should probably just put on my personality pants and a mask and watch some garbage.



  1. Do you remember when Real World London was on MTV like a hundred years ago with Jacinda? Then she became a J Crew model? I bet she loves the Nars Dragon Girl. That 2017 outfit is RIDIC! I’m glad you explained how they are pants pulled up high because I couldn’t figure out what was swallowing that girl.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You know we didn’t have TV! We were supposed to use our imaginations and think outside the box. I should probably go back and watch everything I was denied as a youth.


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