Weird Masks I’ve Tried…

A few years ago I got SUPER excited about cheap Korean beauty products. And one group of products I decided to try again: masks. I say again because I had tried different kinds of masks with extremely poor/horrifying results at other times.

Elizavecca 24K Gold Mask, Blackhead Remover Mask
I mean. Look at the packaging.

How can one resist purchasing something in packaging like this, I ask you. There’s so much to unpackage (mwuahahaha) here.

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 1.26.32 PM

Just had to go revisit some other favorite packaging/advertising stories. And also read Clients from Hell.

Okay. Back again!

It’s also made out of GOLD! The mask that is. Not clients.

Elizavecca 24K Gold Mask, Blackhead Remover Mask gave me a rash, dried me out, and itched like the dickens.

I left it on for the suggested amount of time while wanting to itch my face off because I momentarily believed terrible skin discomfort would be followed by magical skin perfection.

Oh well. It’s not like my face has never itched, been dry, or covered in scales before. Note: When trying to give away a product that did three terrible things to you, never open with those things. I threw it away, used once, in the great purge of February 2018.

Daiso Japan Natural Pack Charcoal Peel Off Mask
The only thing you need to know is that it’s natural pack…

If you love laughing at other people’s pain, you should look up video reviews of charcoal masks. You for sure feel it when you rip the Daiso Japan Natural Pack Charcoal Peel-Off Mask off your face. But it’s not the end of the world.

This doesn’t irritate me. I do have to put on moisturizer afterward. But that is actually true always for all times.

I could gratifyingly see it pull out at least something—possibly just little hairs, if not lurking blemishes. As it dries, it sort of starts peeling itself when you move your face into any sort of expression, rolling up and away. It’s not like it doesn’t smart a little when you yank it off. It’s just not 15 minutes worth of struggle and tears.

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