Dr. Hauschka Neem Nail and Cuticle Pen

While I’ve developed elaborate routines for most other parts of myself, my hands tend to fall by the wayside since I’m constantly using them to get into things. I never have nails—cut them off as soon as they appear—and, since I’m dry and don’t take care of them, they tend to look…dry and not taken care of. I don’t bite my nails no matter what Rusty says. But. I do bite AROUND them when I get keyed up.

I want to do that right now just thinking about it.

It’s always been this way. When I was barely 21, a palm reader looked at my hands and asked me if I was a farmer. So.

Dr. Hauschka Neem Nail and Cuticle Pen

In an attempt to take care of them a little better, I got a Dr. Hauschka Neem Nail and Cuticle Pen based on reviews where someone was like: “I carry one with me everywhere and just oil my nails during slow moments of the day.”

I sometimes have slow moments.

This thing is fun to use to push down/back your cuticles, but unfortunately, there’s not enough oil coming out of it to make a real difference for me. I like the concept, but there isn’t an impressive end result. Some people love it, so I suppose there could be an issue of quality control.



  1. I LOVE to bite around my nails. I do NOT bite my nails, either. In fact, I was biting around them while reading this. I will definitely never go to a palm reader for fear of what he/she incorrectly thinks my occupation is. Probably MMA boxer.


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