The Best Clogs, According to Me

The skincare items I want to write about next are too much for me right now, so I’m going to discuss my favorite clogs instead.

I’m very particular about shoes. And once I find a pair I like, I wear them until there are holes in them, and they cannot be repaired. And still, I keep them because I imagine somehow, somewhere, someone CAN repair them, and I just haven’t found that person yet. You know, the person who wants to piece together my disintegrated item.

Because I wear them to death, it’s not a great idea for me to get very cheap shoes, but I can also be somewhat stingy and refuse to buy things that aren’t on sale. It’s a process.

Back to being particular (my goodness, I have so many wonderful qualities). For years I wanted a very specific clog. Just the plainest plain classic clog in “natural” or “nature” or “nude” (tan) with a low heel because heels are uncomfortable, and I *mostly* refuse to wear them.

Blablabla Swedish Hasbeens, everyone says. And one day, Caroline sent me a link to a pair of them. On SALE. On the Anthropologie website. Yes, they were black. Yes, the heel was high. But. They were $70!! And I had my birthday discount. And there was only one pair. And it was my size. So I bought them.

My entire experience with Swedish Hasbeens is based on this pair of clogs and an incident where I had an unknowable number of Tiki drinks at S.O.S., Rusty said something that vexed me (What did he say? It is lost forever to Mai Tais), and I decided—in my wisdom—to walk home in a furious rage while he drove around looking for me because he didn’t want me to be kidnapped.

And then the next morning I was sooooo hungover, and I had to wear flip-flops for days and days afterward because of the terrible blisters I gave myself, and even now, years later, I have scars. And I never wore them again. The end.

A year after that, the same Rusty who had incensed and irritated me out at the bars surprised me with the clogs I actually wanted—not even on sale! And they were my precious Sandgrens. It doesn’t look like they have my color anymore.

I have this color now too. #spoiledwithclogs

I’ve worn my nude SARAGASSO Sandgrens clogs tromping here, there, and everywhere, and they are the most comfortable not-sneaker shoe I’ve ever owned. I never blistered in them because they require no break-in time (I don’t have the patience to break anything in. If they’re not comfortable right away, I will not wear them unless I have no choice because I’ve unexpectedly decided to walk six miles).


sandgrens nude
This is the color. Now I want these ones. RUSSSSTY!!!

I now have five pairs of Sandgrens thanks to Rusty’s good present giving and my one-track mind. Including booties with a higher heel that are ALSO very comfortable. And which also seem to be gone forever. Those ones were on sale. So, I get it, I guess.


They looked a little like these.

I wear a pair of my Sandgrens clogs every single day. And have vigorously demanded that others buy them as well. The website is, in some words, terrible and the worst. Especially when they have sales (which they do have, so sign up for their emails). You have to work hard for your clogs. But they are amazing, and I love them as much now as I did when they were first given to me.

All that to say—if I happened to be out and became annoyed with *someone,* and I was in my Sandgrens clogs, I could easily trek home and not pay any (foot-related) price for my choices the next morning.






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