The Best Foot Cream, According to Me

In order to maintain my new baby feet, I added the occasional application of foot cream to my ablution process. I’ve used a few other foot creams with unsatisfying results. Such as. No results. Including Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Foot Cream and O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet. I mean, maybe if you started using them with feet that weren’t already dry, they would work. But they did not do much of anything for me. They kept the parts of my feet that were already soft, soft, but my heels always remained somewhat dry.

I want products that I remember to apply every now and then to work as though I’m religious about using them.

In short: I want to use the things sometimes. And enjoy instant and long-lasting results.


Tweezerman Pedro Callus Stone
Tweezerman Pedro Callus Stone

First, I used this stick Tweezerman Pedro Callus Stone in such an infuriating way, Rusty grabbed my foot and aggressively—and ticklingly—demonstrated the proper procedure while I shrieked and attempted to kick him in the face.


Gehwol Foot Care Soft Feet Cream
Gehwol Foot Care Soft Feet Cream

I’ll go ahead and admit I started using Gehwol Foot Care Soft Feet Cream before I did Baby Foot. Since I clearly have no patience to conduct a true scientific experiment. But. What I DO know (scientifically) is the Soft Feet Cream was starting to work. I continued to use after Baby Foot during the extremely dry-feeling-feet period, which may have been why mine shredded and did not peel, but as I mentioned several times, I really could not stand the feeling of waiting for the skin to fall off.

This is the best foot cream I’ve tried. And it doesn’t smell or feel like most foot creams (that cold medicinal smell—and feel—they all seem to have). It’s $34 on Dermstore, which sure isn’t a cheap buy, but a little goes a long way.

One of my other favorite very, very moisturizing lotions is German, so Gehwol isn’t a surprise.

I like the German way of naming things exactly what they are. Mmmm. This soft feet cream should be called…Soft Feet Cream. Done. And. Done.

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