Face Stockholm – Veil Lipstick

Yay lipstick! Yay for having it and sometimes wearing it. And mostly just carrying it around in a bunch of bags.

Here’s a color I really like wearing sometimes. And mostly like carrying around in my purse or the pocket of my backpack just in case I want it.

Face Stockholm Veil Lipstick - Cranberry

Face Stockholm Veil Lipstick in cranberry is *sort of* the color in this pic, but it’s more of a bricky/Venetian red—a 90s brown red. Well, anyway. I love it. Do not be misled by how dark it looks in the picture—it’s not vampy or intense—it’s very sheer, not super shiny, and seems like you should be swanning around in an extra-large flannel while wearing it. Or maybe I just always wish I was doing that no matter what color lipstick I’m wearing.

Does anyone else remember Gap making nail polish? Maybe they still do. They started making nail polish in the 90s, but I’m not finding it on the Internets. We all remember the Gap scents, of course. Apparently, “someone in my life, at some point, has called me ‘stuck up.'” That’s…true.

Anyway, Gap made nail polish. And they had a color that was very much like, according to my fifteen minutes of research into all 90s nail polish, OPI Romeo and Joliet (not a typo) but had, if my memory serves correctly, just slightly more blue in it.

romeo and joliet
Romeo and Joliet

And the Gap color was called Mustang.

That’s what this lipstick reminds me of. A nail polish color I can’t find that lives only in my memory.



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